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Brazilian Cherry Species Details   (Back)

Detailed information pertaining to Brazilian Cherry (Hymenaea, courbaril) is detailed below:

Specie Names
Lumber Name(s): Jatoba in Brazil, Paquio in Bolivia, Guapinol.
Grown in: Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela, Suriname, Nicaragua, Mexico, Guatemala and the Caribbean.
Brazilian Cherry, when first milled is a tan/salmon color w/black striping which turns a rich deep red color over time. This species is the most popular imported species given its inherent beauty, rich coloring and superior hardness.
Color Range and Color Change
Color Range: Brazilian Cherry varies from yellowish hues to pink/reds to dark reds with black striping. Quartered selection yields the most uniform look/color range.
Color Change: Like domestic cherry, Brazilian Cherry will change dramatically over time from the yellow/tan/salmon color when freshly milled into a deep rich reddish color. In direct sunlight, the color change will occur within a few days. Out of sunlight, it will oxidize slowly over six months. Water based finishes tend to retard the color change while oil based finishes enhance it.
Where to Use
Given Brazilian Cherry’s extreme hardness, it may be used in residential and commercial installations.
Special Characteristics and Issues
Silica/White Spots are a natural occurrence in Brazilian Cherry and are not considered a defect but instead are part of the species. Pay close attention to each mill's notes which show which grade they attempt to select out those spots which are visible at the time of grading. Note: Even mills that grade it out of their upper grades will still miss some.
Site Sanding/ Finishing: May be site finished with oil or water based finishes. Occasional pieces may have resin pockets that show up as white spots (almost like drops of skim milk) under the finish w/no known method to avoid other than not install these pieces. ALWAYS test the finish you propose to use FIRST on test pieces to insure compatibility.
Product availability
Available in the following collections: World Woods, Exotic, Explorer, Blue Ridge Mountain, Bucks County.
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Hardness Chart
Hardness Chart for Brazilian Cherry.