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Hardness and Specific Gravity

Janka Hardness is a test which measures the pounds of force it takes to drive a .44" diameter steel ball 1/2 its depth into wood. These numbers are taken from various publications but principally are from the U.S. Forest Products lab. The higher the number the harder the species.

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SpeciesBotanical NameHardness - JankaSpecific Gravity
Amendoim Peltogyne, spp20900.974
Cherry, Brazilian Hymenaea, courbaril28200.900
Cherry, Patagonian Guibourtia, chodatianal28200.975
Cypress, Australian Callitrus, glauca13750.720
Mahogany, Santos Myroxylon, balsamum22000.900
Rosewood, Patagonian Piptadenia, macrocarpa38400.860
Teak, Brazilian Dipteryx, odorata35401.025
Teak, True Tectona, grandis11550.615
Bubinga Guibourtia, demeusei1980-
Mahogany, Royal Pithecellobium, arboreum14000.718