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Southern Chestnut Species Details   (Back to Species List)

Detailed information pertaining to Southern Chestnut (Sweetia, panamensis) is detailed below:

Specie Names
Lumber Name(s): Chichi pâté, Cencero, Billy Webb.
Grown in: Mexico, Guatemala, Belize.
Southern Chestnut is a beautiful golden/tan brown specie which is similar in color to Teak, but without the striping and is similar in color and graining to Afrormosia.
Color Range and Color Change
Color Range: Southern Chestnut is relatively uniform in color, which ranges from a tannish brown with golden highlights to a medium tan/chestnut brown.
Color Change: Southern Chestnut quickly changes in color from a golden tan color when freshly milled to a medium chestnut brown color. At the same time the color range present when freshly milled mutes down in a more uniform medium chestnut brown color range.
Where to Use
Southern Chestnut may be used both residentially and commercially wherever a uniform chestnut colored look is desired.
Special Characteristics and Issues
Site Sanding/ Finishing: All finishes we've tried seem to work on Southern Chestnut. Peculiar to this species, some trees have large silica spots which show up as circles or half circles of slightly lighter colored material. We attempt to cut most of these out of color clear grade but allow them in the lower grades. When finished, the lighter contrast remains. It is a feature of this wood and if objectionable, care should be taken when installing this wood to find any pieces exhibiting these spots and cut them out prior to installing as these spots cannot be sanded out.
Product availability
Available in the following collections: World Woods.
See a list of all Southern Chestnut products.
Hardness Chart
Hardness Chart for Southern Chestnut.
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