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White Oak Species Details   (Back to Species List)

Detailed information pertaining to White Oak (Quercus, alba) is detailed below:

Specie Names
Lumber Name(s): White Oak, American White Oak.
Grown in: North America w/related species throughout Europe & Asia.
This tight-grained quartered wood hearkens to the classic traditions of the Arts & Crafts movement and Mission style furniture. It is sought after for the "fleck" found in the quarter sawn selection, which lends a classic look to any formal setting.
Color Range and Color Change
Color Range: White Oak has a medium high degree of color variability and ranges from light tan colors to medium tan colors with a grayish cast to medium brown colors. We offer highly selected straight grain offerings, which are color selected to yield a uniform medium tan color.
Color Change: White Oak undergoes a medium degree of color change, with a slight ambering over time.
Where to Use
White Oak may be used both residentially and commercially. It is sought after for the “fleck” found in the quarter sawn selection, which yields a distinguished classic look to any formal setting.
Special Characteristics and Issues
Allergic Reactions: White Oak is known to cause contact dermatitis so care should be taken when coming in contact with White Oak saw dust.
Product availability
Available in the following collections: American Woods.
See a list of all White Oak products.
Hardness Chart
Hardness Chart for White Oak.
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