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Species Information / Amendoim

The Species:

Flooring Trade Name: Amendoim
Botanical Name:
 Pterogyne, nitens
Lumber Name: 
Amendoim, Ybyario
Grows In:
 Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil

Products Available in Amendoim

See page below for a listing of all the products available in this specie: Products / Amendoim


Amendoim exhibits a unique warm medium reddish tan/brown color with a lot of swirling grain and small burl figures.

Color Range & Color Change:

Color Range: Amendoim ranges from a pale tan orangey brown color to a medium tannish brown color with reddish highlights. 

Color Change: Amendoim exhibits a medium degree of color change as this wood will mute and become a more uniform, darker tan-brown with reddish highlights over time. 

View WFI's Color Properties Chart below to compare this specie with other species: WFI's Color Properties Chart

View WFI's Amendoim Photo Page for photos of the typical color range & change to be expected: Amendoim Photo Page


Amendoim is 106% as hard as red oak  ( 1340 on the Janka scale vs. 1260 for red oak )

For hardness comparisons to additional species, please go to: WFI's Species Hardness

Where to Use:

May be used both residentially and commercially wherever the unique graining of Amendoim is desired.


Access the proper Installation Instructions below for the flooring format you've chosen this specie in: WFI's Installation Instructions

Special Characteristics / Issues Specific to this Species:

  • Stability: average, similar to Red Oak. For additional information, see: WFI's Wood Properties Chart on the WFI Downloads page.

  • Finish Issues: (for site sanding/finishing only) - none known at this time.  See: WFI's Finish Recommendations on the WFI Downloads page before commencing any site finishing.

  • Safety/Allergic Reaction Issues: none known at this time - see WFI's Material Safety on the WFI Downloads page for safety issues with wood dust.

  • Other Characteristics/Issues specific to this species: none known at this time - see Feedback / Amendoim on the WFI Site Map to see what others have experienced with this species.

Technical Information:


Additional Technical Information on this species can be accessed from the links below:
U.S. Forest Products Laboratory - Amendoim Only
U.S. Forest Products Laboratory - to access all species

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